The Clean House

The Clean House was performed in Uni Mail in December 2015. Flyer

Mathilde is a young Brazilian maid who hates cleaning. She wants to be a comedian and dreams of coming up with the perfect joke. A joke so funny that it could kill…

Thanks to the alchemical imagination of Sarah Ruhl, the gifted author of The Clean House, this strange grab bag of ideas and images, together with some more exotic ingredients, magically coheres to form one of the finest and funniest new plays you’re likely to see… 

The New York Times

Cast: Tania Colsa-Tella, Pauline Leroy, Melanie Miranda, Natania Prezant, Nyan Storey

Adaptation and stage direction: Marlon Ariyasinghe

Company administrator: Nicholas Weeks

Lights: Claire Firmann

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