The Tempest

Produced in Uni Mail, March 2011.

Cast: Fredrik Blanc, Hania Demai, Geraldine Donaldson, Rukkmini Ghosh, Aline Ijsselmuiden, Marisa Jotikasthira, Evren Kiefer, Kristijan Marinkovic, Dimitri Monnin-Gillot, Azamat Rakhimov, Judith Thommen, Nicholas Weeks.

A play in which magic and illusion, love and mourning, deceit and buffoonery intermingle, the legitimacy of hierarchical power structures is challenged. Politics, matrimony or the legitimacy of slavery are challenged in a world whose expanding boundaries include mysterious liminal creatures endowed with dignity and humanity. A world and a play which reveal the greed that lies in the heart of man as much as the difficulty to pardon.

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