Dream Duplex

Dream Duplex has been performed in Uni Mail 4-6 May 2016. Its final run will take place within the framework of the Commedia festival at the Théâtre de La Comédie on 12 May 2016. programme Commedia 2016  Flyer

Dream Duplex is a speculation in immersive theatre. Part installation, part performance, it charts the ways dreams have come to encrust the deeper strata of cultural life in the English language. Composed of a series of vignettes spanning the English literary canon from Shakespeare to Coetzee, evoking in passing the dreams and reflections of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Byron, Keats, Emily Dickinson, Philip Larkin, Doris Lessing and Carl Gustav Jung, Dream Duplex seeks to evoke the perceptual disturbances animating our nocturnal lives. Scenographically, pairs of actors will be sharing speeches, their actions commingling while graphic animations deigned by Lucas Oettli will at times enhance a thought or provide a background to the unfolding of the various dream narratives.

dreams in their development have breath, / And tears, and tortures and the touch of joy

Lord Byron

Cast: Martin Décosterd, Nicole Füllemann, Sayli Javadekar, Krista Kaufmann, Boris Kenov, Mira Leonie Bindra, Xi Li, Irene Lunghi, Caroline Martin, Sanam Martins Braga Monteiro, Maria Milevskaya, Inès Moubachir, Natania Prezant, Nyan Storey, Sophie Stuby, Fanny Randanne, Adrián Sánchez Garrido.

Adaptation & stage direction: Nicholas Weeks

Graphics animations: Lucas Oettli

Lights: Claire Firmann

© Copyright 2016 Fabien Scotti Photography, All Rights Reserved.