Alone Together

Alone Together was produced in Uni Mail in April 2012. Flyer

Too often stigmatized under the label of “theatre of the absurd”, we have chosen to emphasize the profound lucidity of the later works of Samuel Beckett. In a world where mass market media and communication technologies have come to overwhelm direct human exchange, “alone together” qualifies with particular acuity the human condition in our contemporary societies.

The harshness of the themes developed by these texts (Rough for Theatre II, Play, Ohio Impromptu, Catastrophe), such as suicide, adultery, mourning and political oppression, is however illuminated by their striking verbal and scenic forms. Alliterations, irregular repetitions, the integration of indirect discourse to the protagonists’ narratives remind us of the comic and expressive potential buried in everyday speech. Beckett’s oeuvre is unique in the history of theatre, because of the precision with which his thought developed poetry and stage image into powerful symbols of the fragility of human life.

Cast: Vittorio Christaras, Hania Demai, Bernard Giovannini, Lukas Hobi, Tamta Iashvili, Martin Leer, Duncan Moss, Fabian Munz, Frederic Steiner, Nelly Uzan, Benjamin Weeks, Nicholas Weeks, Hannah Wilkes, Livia Zbinden.

Stage direction: Nicholas Weeks

Lights: Felix Klein

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