Emmet is the theatre group attached to the English Department of Geneva University. Founded in 2004 by students of the Department, the group has grown to include students form all Faculties as well as amateurs external to the institution. The company’s aim is to develop a better understanding of the fundamental elements of acting and performance in theatre as well as daily life.  Through a series of games and technical exercises, Emmet seeks to explore the impact of diction, rhythm, and the precision of gestures in the theatre. The company approaches theatre empirically, as a foundational paradigm to embody and expose the dynamic metaphorical processes involved in human action.

In practice, regular weekly workshops function as an occasion to unfold a corpus of literary texts in order to work out their comic, incongruous and often multilayered expressive potential. Open-mindedness, alert imagination and careful awareness to oneself and others are expected from participants. In return, the workshops will help the participants develop their capacity for concentration, fine-tune their physical expressivity, and nuance their diction while participating in a collective artistic project.