Updates on the 2016-2017 workshops are to be found on our Nighttown page. Registrations are handled by the Activités Culturelles.

The Hell of Reinforced Concrete, Venice Biennale of Architecture, May 2016.

Welcome to Emmet – short for EMbodied METaphors – the Theatre Workshop of the English Department of the University of Geneva. Emmet is an association of students  willing to devote time and energy to performance, acting and collaborative creation. Our weekly workshop (Fridays 14-17h) is organised around a set of theatrical games based on physical and linguistic aptitudes, and situational improvisations with or without texts. The atmosphere is relaxed but demands punctuality, commitment and focus from participants so as to allow for the emergence of that fragile thing: stage presence and the ability to evoke more than what is visibly present on stage. Deconstructing the fictions that surround us, and animate our everyday actions, we seek to establish the grounds for a serious engagement with the art of acting alive to the facetious, witty and unexpected dimensions of everyday life.

Take a look at last year’s productions: Emmet’s May 2016 creation of Dream Duplex and Hassan Fathy’s The Hell of Reinforced Concrete at the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

Video trailers by Nirina Imbach of previous productions include: Antigonick (May 2015),  Emerson in the Wild (May 2014), A Winter’s Tale (February 2014), and the making-of documentary of Blake’s Revolution (April 2013).